Olexandr KHATSKEVYCH: “We must attack more actively”

Press conference of FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexandr Khatskevych before the Europa League round of 32 second leg against Olympiacos FC.

- Before the first leg there were a lot of comparisons with your duel against AEK last year. Considering 2:2 away draw, will Dynamo play carefully?

- Comparing with the last year, we have more attacking team, so we must attack more actively.

- Has Kadar recovered?

- Tamas isn’t getting ready for the match.

- Are you satisfied with the way Shepelev played in the first half in Greece?

- Shepelev made mistakes when attempting to pass forward. Anyway, that time his passes weren’t a success, next time they’ll be.

- Dynamo didn’t have official fixtures before the battle against Olympiacos. Is that a problem?

- Of course Olympiacos are better in term of fitness, but we’re strong as a team, we have really skillful player, able to decide a game.

- What do you think of Denys Boiko? Foreign journalists gave him really bad marks…

- That’s up to journalists. We estimate his play as quite confident. He started our attacks pretty well. I believe in Boiko.

- What would you like to tell Dynamo supporters?

- We hope you’ll come to the stadium and support us till the final whistle.

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