Olexandr Karavayev: “We were afraid to make a mistake”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Olexandr Karavayev has told Football 1 TV channel about the game against FC Barcelona (0:4):

- What do you think of the penalty that wasn’t awarded for the foul against Verbic?

- It’s hard to say. It seemed to me that was a penalty, but I can’t blame the referee. Generally I think we did a good job in the first half, especially in terms of defense. Then we had a couple of chances we didn’t use. World class team did while we didn’t.

- What happened after the first goal? The team looked pretty well before it, but then something happened.

- We’ve talked about it with guys. Maybe we gave up or something like that… We could keep playing and creating chances. We’ll analyze what happened at theory classes.

- How significant is class difference between Barcelona and Dynamo?

- In the first half, when we were doing what coach told us, the difference wasn’t too obvious as we didn’t let visitors create a lot of chances. Probably mentality was the key factor as we were afraid to make a mistake.

- It seemed Dest eluded you too easily before scoring the first goal…

- As for the first goal, I moved closer to the center while Barcelona player rushed behind me and I couldn’t reach him. Besides, there was visitors’ halfback there too.