Philippe CLEMENT: “We’ll try to demonstrate our true level”

Club Brugge KV head coach Philippe Clement and goalkeeper Simon Mignolet answered journalists’ questions before the away match against FC Dynamo Kyiv.

Philippe CLEMENT: We have tight schedule, but generally I’m satisfied with the team. The forthcoming game will show how ready we are. We won three games early in the season, but only time can tell if we can keep up with this tempo. We try to succeed in every match, but season is a marathon and we must get ready for it.

As for the first game against Dynamo, we saw real Brugge in the first half and mediocre Brugge in the second. We’ll try to demonstrate our true level tomorrow. We’ll attack and aim to score. Our task is to reach the next round.

Simon MIGNOLET: We won the first game by narrow margin, so we have small advantage. Maybe that will be enough. The game will be difficult as Dynamo are tough opponent, but we expect to go further. This match means a lot to us as this is the Champions League.

Any result that puts us through to the next stage will be positive. Our task is to score at least one goal. But if we concede three, that won’t save us. So, we must defend orderly. I know I’ll have a lot of work, but I’m ready for that. As for Dynamo players, I’d like to pay special attention to Fran Sol, but other performers also can cause us troubles.