Denys BOIKO: “It feels nice to do well, but I need more stability”

FC Dynamo Kyiv preserved a clean sheet in the home match against Olympiacos FC.

That’s the desert of goalkeeper Denys Boiko. After the final whistle he shared his impressions of the match.

- Everyone’s happy. This victory matters a lot. I’d like to thank our fans. They were our 12th player today.

- They criticized you a lot after the first leg…

- Sometimes you need criticism to stay focused. Criticism after the first leg was fair.

- Are you satisfied with Dynamo performance at this stage?

- I guess you should ask coaches about that, but personally I think our football was pretty good.

- Some say it was your best game after the match against SSC Napoli…

- It feels nice to do well, but I need more stability.

- Sol has scored his first goal for Dynamo…

- He’s done well. He really wanted to score and did his best for that. Sol worked very well at the training camp. He’s almost got accustomed to the team. Congratulations to him.

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