Benjamin VERBIC: “Our supporters were incredible!”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Benjamin Verbic has commented upon the home win against Olympiacos FC.

- The first half was really good, but then we got a bit tired, so we had to move back and focus on counterattacks. After the break Olympiacos did better and it was difficult to create chances. Anyway, it was only the second game after season restart. I’m sure we’ll play better match by match. I also think that personally I must do better. Still, the win matters first of all. Our supporters were incredible. We did our best not to disappoint them.

Goal by Fran Sol? He really wanted to score as he didn’t manage to at the training camp. I told him that if he scores against Olympiacos everything will be fine. This goal will boost his confidence. Fran has done a good job for the team today.

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