• 03 oct 2014
  • 00:11

Artem KRAVETS: “We analyzed Steaua play properly, everyone knew what to do”

After the game against FC Steaua București FC Dynamo Kyiv striker Artem Kravets stated:

- I think three goals are good result.

- What let you tear opponent’s defense apart?

- We analyzed Steaua play properly. There were three long theory classes. Everyone knew what to do.

- Don’t you think Dynamo have started playing much faster?
As I’ve said every player knows what to do in this or that situation. That’s why we perform worthy.

- What did Rebrov tell players before the game?

- Our plan for the game was to let our centre backs help us attack. After we opened the score we got more free space and used counterattacks.

- Could you win by even bigger margin?

- Sure, personally I missed two or three great chances. I hope we’ve left more goals for the game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

- Why did Steaua players attack referee after Dynamo third goal?

- I didn’t notice that as I just sat down on the bench.

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