Andriy YARMOLENKO: “We shouldn’t be ashamed of our play”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger Andriy Yarmolenko has summarized the Champions League group stage matchday 5 game against SSC Napoli (0:0):

- I think we looked worthily opposing such team. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our play. I guess our fans are satisfied. We played aggressively and tried to apply pressure. As for attacking actions, unfortunately we lacked good last pass.

- Late in the game it seemed you were too tired to attack. Is that because you had to work for defense a lot?

- Sure. You know how Napoli control the ball. We had to defend though coaches told us to attack when we get space. Thus we got a bit tired late in the game.

- What’s your motivation for the game against Besiktas that doesn’t mean anything?

- I hope fans will come to the game and support us. We always play for them. I think we could have done much better in this Champions League. I’m sure that in the last game we’ll do our best on the field.

- They say Dynamo players lack motivation. Do you have such problem?

- I don’t. I dreamed of playing for Dynamo since childhood! I’m sure that each player that grew up with love to this club has motivation.

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