Andriy YARMOLENKO: “We’ll try to break stereotypes”

FC Dynamo Kyiv vice skipper Andriy Yarmolenko answered journalists’ questions at the press conference before the Champions League match against SSC Napoli.

- Andriy, don’t you feel tired considering tight schedule and recent game against Shakhtar?

- I think it’s better to play two games a week than one. We’re in for interesting period and we’re ready to reach our goals.

- There’s a stereotype that Dynamo rarely succeed opposing Italian teams. Doesn’t that scare you?

- We’ll try to break stereotypes. We must get ready for the game. It doesn’t matter what countries our opponents represent.

- Who’s the much-fancied side in your group?

- So far everyone has equal chances.

- What are Napoli strengths and weaknesses?

- Coaches have pointed out their weaknesses for us and we’ll try to use them. They control the ball very well. Our aim is not to let them do that.

- Recently you said Dynamo attack poorly. What should you change to improve this aspect of the game?

- It’s not a claim to coaches. I addressed to myself and my teammates. Some of us must take up the running more often while some must work for the team better.

- Have you watched Napoli recent games? What can you say about this team?

- I’ve watched their game against Milan. As I’ve said, they control the ball really well. Our task is to show our play as we’ll perform in front of our supporters. I’m sure if we demonstrate our best qualities we’ll succeed.

* photo by A. Lukatskyi

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