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Ruslan Neshcheret – phenomenon from Mukacheve

FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Ruslan Neshcheret is only 17, but he’s already been to the training camp with the first team. Besides, he featured in the UEFA Youth League against Anderlecht and Juventus.

- This winter you had your first training camp with Dynamo first team. How was it?

- After vacation I thought I would be getting ready for the season with Dynamo U-19, but a day before the training camp they called me and asked to come to Kyiv. At first I was shocked, but then I tried to do my best to use this opportunity.

- How do Dynamo first team training sessions differ from those you had at youth football school?

- At the academy the focus is on learning, but in the first team you already must know everything. At first goalkeeper coach Mykhailo Mykhailov told me I would have slightly less exercise load as I was reconditioning after injury. But then everything was fine.

- Did you feel the support of Dynamo experienced goalkeepers? Is there competition between you?

- It’s too soon to say about competition. Boiko, Bushchan and Makhankov supported me. So far they do everything faster as they’re top level keepers.

- Do you remember the friendly against Steaua, when you made substitute appearance? What about the goal you conceded right before the time?

- I was nervous only before the game, but when I took the field I calmed down. Actually nothing special happened although I conceded a goal.

- How did you celebrate your 17th birthday at the training camp?

- I got a lot of positive emotions. In the morning, coaches and teammates congratulated me.

- What did first team coaches tell about your work after the training camp?

­- They told I did a good job and pointed out some mistakes I must work on. Basically everything was okay though I think I could do better.

- You often get personal awards at different tournaments. Which one is the most valuable for you?

- They all mean a lot to me. Well, maybe the award I got at the Vikotr Bannikov Tournament last summer is the most special. I parried three penalties in a row.

- Last year you also parried three penalties at the UEFA development tournament. Is this your strong suit?

- It’s not a big deal, I just try to apply psychological pressure to the player taking penalty. I can throw him the ball or look into his eyes. Sometimes they’re really nervous.

- Which top goalkeepers do you like?

- I like Jan Oblak. Marc-Andre ter Stegen is also great keeper. And Ederson. Actually I have many role models both in Europe and in Dynamo.

- Are your parents sportsmen too?

- No, I have ordinary family. I just fell in love with football when I was a small kid.

- Did you want to be a goalkeeper when a kid?

- It seems I was defender or forward at first, but then I just got tired of running and asked to let me be a keeper. And I liked it.

- How did you join Dynamo?

- I was 12 back then. Our family is from Mukacheve. They called my mom and asked to take me to trials. Eventually they took me to Dynamo football school.

Svitlana Poliakova

Material for Dynamo magazine #1 (102), January-March 2019