• 16 jan
  • 21:23

Dynamo in UAE: work on defensive mistakes and attacks organization

In our traditional training camp journal we tell about FC Dynamo Kyiv first full-scale day in the United Arab Emirates.

From winter to summer

Dynamo last session at the training complex in Koncha-Zaspa took place on the field covered with snow which was unusual for some foreign players, who posted snowy photos to social media. The temperature reached 20 degrees below zero, so then the White-Blues landed in Dubai they felt sharp contrast. The temperature in UAE doesn’t fall below 20 degrees Celsius these days.

Motivation from Mircea Lucescu

Anyway, as the training process started everyone got really focused. Mircea Lucescu, whom players call Mister, prepares guys for serious work. At team meetings before every session he motivates them with his speeches.

Before the afternoon session Mircea Lucescu told players they must do every exercise consciously and understand what they do it for. Combinations are something they need to work on for hours to do everything automatically. “Organization is top priority and then comes improvisation”, — summarized Mister.

Ball, ball and ball again

The field at the training center is of really good quality due to climate peculiarities. Thus players have an opportunity to work with the ball, practice combinations and demonstrate their skills. Speaking about injuries, only Mykola Shaparenko and Olexandr Tymchyk don’t work with the team at the moment.

Vitaliy Kulyba was ready to start afternoon session with warm-up when Mircea Lucescu offered another option. It was an exercise the team did in the morning: one group of players attacks while defenders don’t do their best to let teammates have practice in this aspect.

Then there was work in squares including the big one, when the team was divided into two groups.

Some local charm

The team came to the afternoon session by two buses before sunset. As the White-Blues got to work they heard sounds of Maghreb – evening Islamic prayer – from mosques surrounding the training center. Anyway that didn’t distract Kyivans at all.

On Sunday Dynamo will come to the stadium at 10 a.m. to keep working.