Ukraine Premier League


Vitaliy BUIALSKYI: “I used to score with scissor-kicks and decided to try again”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Vitaliy Buialskyi has commented upon the win against FC Arsenal-Kyiv:

- Shabanov attacked quite actively in the second half…

- I guess Artem wanted to score, so he joined our attacks.

- How did you manage to perform scissor-kick from the penalty area line?

- I used to score with scissor-kicks and decided to try again.

- It was obvious Harmash wanted to score a hat trick. Why didn’t he take the penalty?

- Tsyhankov offered him to shoot, but Denys refused. I guess it’s more important to him how the team plays.

- Aren’t Dynamo skillful enough to oppose Chelsea FC more successfully?

- Sure, that’s completely different level. They’ve showed us how to play football. They have very good domestic league.

- What do you expect of the return match in Kyiv?

- First of all we want to demonstrate worthy play in front of our supporters.

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