• 12 july
  • 22:45

Benjamin Verbic: “It’s all still in our hands”

Benjamin Verbic took the field half an hour before the time in the game against FC Oleksandria and managed to score brace. Still his two goals weren’t enough for victory and the match ended in a draw – 2:2.

Benjamin has shared his impressions of the game:

- You’ve scored two, but Dynamo let victory slip away late in the game. How do you deal with all that?

- I care a lot. You all saw how Oleksandria performed in the second half. I think we deserved victory.

- Maybe you should keep playing as forward to help Dynamo finish second this season?

- It’s up to the coach. I always do my best no matter what my position is.

- How come Dynamo play better after the break than before it?

- It’s hard to say. Maybe we should get ready differently. We need to discuss it as a team.

- Is the game against FC Zoria Luhansk a kind of final for Dynamo?

- Sure. Anyway it’s all still in our hands.