• 04 july
  • 22:44
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Benjamin Verbic: “After the break we did better mentally”

Benjamin Verbic has shared his impressions of the game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

- Benjamin, why was the first half such a failure for Dynamo?

- Shakhtar didn’t feel any pressure as they’re already champions. They were calm. Meanwhile we had problems in terms of possession. That was exhausting. Shakhtar used our mistakes and scored twice.

- After the break Dynamo did much better. Did substitutions change the situation? For example, you took the position of forward.

- That’s not my major position, but I used to play as forward many times before. What matters is that I actually can do this. In the second half Dynamo played differently. What’s the reason? It’s hard to say. I guess we did better mentally first of all. We weren’t so obsessed with the score.

- You’re about to feature in the Ukrainian Cup final. Will you manage to brace yourselves after this defeat?

- Each of four games remaining is decisive. First comes the cup final and then vital UPL games.