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Carlos de Pena: “I enjoy being Dynamo player”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Carlos de Pena answered supporters’ questions at the meeting at the Dynamo Stadium.

- I’m really glad to see all of you. Such meetings are very important. Maybe this isn’t the best day as yesterday we lost against FC Zoria Luhansk. I hope further games will be a success.

- How did you decide to become a professional football player?

- That’s my dream – to play football every day. This has always been my dream. Football is the most popular kind of sports in Uruguay. Almost every boy wants to be a professional football player. Actually it’s quite challenging for me to play for such a great club so far away from my native country, but I enjoy being here.

- Do you like new-year atmosphere in Ukraine?

- Of course this all differs from my country. But I’ve got used to it and I like it here. This is a new experience. It’s interesting to get acquainted with new culture. As for New Year, in Uruguay we usually celebrate it with friends and family. I don’t know how they celebrate in Ukraine. Maybe I’ll find out soon.

- What’s your attitude to modern football innovations?

- I don’t like VAR system as it decreases emotions. I hope I’ll never face a situation when I score, but referee cancels my goal due to VAR.

- What are Dynamo for your career?

- I want to enjoy what I have at the moment. Dynamo are very important team to me. I try to do my best for this club. Maybe I’ll spend many years here, maybe I’ll leave in December. Football is unpredictable. I just enjoy being Dynamo player.

- Do you like other kinds of sports?

- I like to play tennis or basketball when I have time. But if I need to choose only one kind of sports, I choose skiing.

- What kind of relationship do you have with Benjamin Verbic outside football field?

- I’d like to play with him as often as possible. We have the same position on the field, but we’re different wingers. I think this is the first club, where my competitor for starting sport is also a friend of mine.

- What would you be if not a football player?

- But for football I would have graduated from university as business administrator.

- How did they greet you in Dynamo?

- At first there were communication issues, but now I study the language.

- Who’s the funniest guy in Dynamo?

- I guess Harmash. He has very positive worldview.

- What’s your favourite spot in Kyiv?

- I like to have a walk in the downtown on Sunday. I like the place where I live and I like to spend time at home.

- What motivated you early in your career?

­- When you’re young, you want to show what your true worth is, what you’re capable of. Then you want to play for a good team. For example, my motivation was to go to Europe. I used to play in Spain and England, so I had challenges every day. In Dynamo my motivation is to win the domestic league.

- How do you recondition after lost games?

- Emotions are pretty bad when we lose. We must win such games as against Zoria, but I think yesterday they were better than us. Today we try to forget about this defeat. On Thursday we’ll have a very important match and we must direct all our energy at it.

- Who supports you after games?

- My wife, but now she’s in Uruguay. She’s with me after wins and after defeats. My family and friends also support me.

Photo: Oksana Vasylieva