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Benjamin Verbic: “Parents give me strength to move forward”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger Benjamin Verbic answered supporters’ questions at the meeting at Dynamo Stadium.

- I’m really glad to see our supporters after such games as against FC Zoria Luhansk. This season we’re unlucky. Thank you for support. I hope things will change for better.

- How did you decide to become a professional football player?

- My father played football and motivated me. Besides, I constantly played football with my brother, followed Barcelona and other top teams.

- What’s your favourite book?

- Harry Potter. Favourite character? Ron (laughing).

- Which game for Dynamo is the most memorable for you?

- The most memorable one is the game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk we won last season. A lot of people came to the stadium. It’s great to play when the atmosphere is like that.

- Would you like to play in one of top 5 leagues one day?

- It’s a dream of every player, but you never know what can happen. We feature for Dynamo and think only of Dynamo.

- What’s your attitude to modern football innovations?

- I don’t support VAR system. I don’t know what I would do if I score in the 93rd minute and they cancel the goal. Football is better without VAR.

- What other kinds of sports do you like?
- Tennis. I support Novak Djokovic.

- What kind of relationship do you have with Carlos de Pena outside football field?

- We’re competitors on the field, but I respect him as a player. We’re friends. There’s nothing bad about having competition. It motivates a player to do his best. When Carlos joined the team, I became a better performer than I used to be.

- Which tattoo was your first one and what does it mean?

- My first tattoo is the symbol of eternal love. That’s a birthday present from my brother.

- What are your favourite spots in Kyiv?

- My favourite spot is Khreshchatyk. Generally I like Kyiv a lot.

- What are your methods of mental recovery after games?

- After games against Zoria and Malmo I was very nervous as I wanted to help the team till the final whistle. You know I play with my heart. It’s difficult to recondition mentally after such games. Anyway, then you wake up and realize you need to move on as another match is coming.

- Who’s your main motivator?

­- My family, friends. After games I call my father. It’s always great to talk to him or my mom. They give me strength to move forward.

- Which players would you sign if you were a president of some football club?

- Messi, Carlos de Pena and Benjamin Verbic.

Photo: Oksana Vasylieva