Artem KRAVETS: “Andriy Shevchenko’s tips are very important”

FC Dynamo Kyiv forward Artem Kravets, who currently features for VfB Stuttgart on loan, has told about his expectations of Euro-2016.

- Euro-2016 is about to start. What are your expectations of the contest? What can Ukraine achieve?

- It’s a great feast for all fans and serious challenge for players. I want our team to perform worthily and gladden citizens of Ukraine. We have good players and we’ll do our best to succeed.

- Recently Andriy Shevchenko joined Ukraine coaching staff. Was he your idol when you were a kid? What are his duties in the team?

- Of course he’s a very significant person for Ukrainian football. He was outstanding striker. I try to listen to every word he says as he has really important tips for forwards. Shevchenko follows players that perform outside Ukraine. At the national team camp he helps the head coach.

* photo by V. Rasner

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