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Olexiy Mykhailychenko: “We don’t control players, we trust them”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexiy Mykhailychenko has told the official site of the club how the first team works and how the current situation has influenced players.

- How do first team coaches and players work at the moment?

- First of all we call players every day to ask how they feel and what plans they have. It’s not about control. We trust our players. I care about these people, their health, mood, families. At this stage it’s not a player-coach communication. It’s human communication.

Every day I talk to our doctor Andriy Shmorhun, who tells me about the state of health of our players.

Besides I keep in touch with president of the club Ihor Surkis. We realize how tough this situation is, so it’s very important to support each other. That’s what we do in Dynamo. First of all we’re people, who need communication and support.

- Do you ever go to the training complex?

- I’ve been there a couple of times, but not for coaching. For example I had a chat with the family of Pivaric. We were 20 meters away from each other.

We’ve developed the individual training program so that players didn’t come across each other at the training complex. We stick to all restrictions.

It’s very important that our players are proactive. They want to work and participate in the development of training schedule.

- Have players got accustomed to the situation or maybe they still have psychological issues?

- They’re all grownups, who understand how serious the situation is. I tell them that if we can’t change the situation, we should change our attitude towards it.

- Should the league be played to the end this season?

- Frankly speaking, I donk know what people from UAF and UPL are thinking. It’s obvious the league should have been either finished after the first round, or we need to play it to the end, but not finish after 23 matchdays.

If we’ve started the second part of the season, it must be played to the end. Considering the circumstances it was quite an option to stop the season after the first round.

- How has your live changed under these circumstances?

- My family and I live outside Kyiv, in Kozyn, at the moment. Living in confined space is quite tough. I spend more time with books, movies and my dog. Still I can be outside here which is really good.