• 16 jan
  • 14:58

Olexandr Syrota: “Lucescu can show how to deal with the ball or elude opponent”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Olexandr Syrota has told about the start of the first winter training camp in United Arab Emirates.

- How was your flight to UAE?

- It was quite long – about five hours. Upon the arrival we had a session and about 10 p.m. we had free time.

- Do quarantine restrictions influence the training process?

- Not really. Well, we wear masks at the hotel and we did COVID-19 tests at the airport.

- At the morning session Mircea Lucescu pointed up the initial phase of attacks. Could you please tell about that?

- At first we did a warm-up and played in squares. Then defenders and forwards worked separately. Defenders were mostly focused on tactics issues.

- Mircea Lucescu doesn’t use a whistle. Do players understand what he wants?

­- Yes, we do. He explains everything very clearly. If someone fails to do something, he stops the session and shows how to do it properly. I really like to work under the charge of Mircea Lucescu as he’s very experienced coach.

- Isn’t it impressive that your coach is still in great shape?
- Sure! Lucescu can even show how to deal with the ball or elude opponent.

- How hard is it to get accustomed to training process after vacation?

- Training camps are always difficult, but we worked individually during vacation, so we’re more or less ready.

- Has Mircea Lucescu announced the plan for the first training camp?

­- It has been said we’ll mostly focus on attacks start which is the aspects we have problems with.