• 17 june
  • 17:01

Olexandr Karavayev: “There was some nervousness due to missed opportunities”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Olexandr Karavayev has shared his impressions of the game against FC Mynai (2:0).

- Basically that’s what we expected from Mynai. We took the ball under control and could score three or four in the first half, but we missed some opportunities which caused nervousness.

- Referee used VAR today again. Do you think her decisions were fair?

- That’s up to referees to decide. If they check VAR I guess that’s for some reason. I don’t think they want to harm themselves. They also analyze their work and make conclusions. So, I won’t comment upon their decisions.

- Isn’t it annoying when referee checks VAR too often and thus intrudes into game rhythm?

- Actually such long breaks are harmful for health. After that it’s not easy to get back into the game. Anyway, we accept this and take new rules into account when getting ready for matches.