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Olexandr Andriyevskyi: “When I lack exercise load, I work twice a day”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Olexandr Andriyevskyi has told about his typical day during the quarantine.

- Olexandr, how long do your training sessions usually last? Do you work in the morning or in the afternoon?

- Usually I work before midday. An average session lasts two hours. When I lack exercise load, I work twice a day.

- How does your typical training session look like?

- In the morning I go to the training complex and do jogging. At home I mostly do static exercises for all groups of muscles.

- Probably you don’t meet your teammates during the quarantine. Maybe you call each other?

- That’s right, we can see each other only via video chat.

- Do you miss football?

- Of course I do. I watch classis euro cups matches. I like those times when Shevchenko featured for Milan and Ronaldinho played for Barcelona.

- Some guys have gathered a team and play Сounter-Strike? Do you play videogames?

- Personally I play FIFA online.

- Now you have enough time to read a book or watch a movie. What can you suggest?

- As for books, I like I like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, “The Bridge Across Forever” and “Biplane” by Richard Bach. Speaking about films, I like those about sports (“Legend #17”) and detectives (“The invisible guest”). I also enjoy the series “Narcos” about Pablo Escobar.